1. When did Philip James begin doing Extensions?

We did our first extensions in 1987 and have been refining our process from that moment forward. Over this period we have done countless clients. Our commitment to utilizing the best quality hair and all related materials used in the extension process leaves our methods unrivaled by brand names. Our hair is the highest quality 100% Remi Human Hair. The complete control we have over our own extension systems enable us to keep our quality high and prices low.

The number of choices and confusion surrounding hair extensions can be overwhelming. Whether you have been wearing extensions for a long time or are considering them for the first time, our highly trained staff can clear up any questions you may have.

2. How is the price determined?

The difference between how long your hair is now and how long you want your hair to be. How thick or thin your hair is. Lengthening thicker hair usually requires more extension hair. The color of your hair. Lighter hair colors can be more expensive than darker hair. The method of attachment.

3. How long does the process take?

Partial – about an 1 hour, full head – roughly 2 hours. Is your hair colored? We also remove, touch up your color, and re-apply the extensions the same day.

4. Which extension method is best for me?

We have tried many methods and are continually seeking out new techniques. If you’re unsure about the choices, we can help you determine what’s ideal at a consultation. Our videos describe our methods and the maintenance. We have found all of our current methods to be:

  • Long lasting
  • Gentle
  • Cost effective
  • Require minimal at home or in salon maintenance

5. How does Philip James determine which method is best for me?

We do not try to sell one type of extension over another. We consider:

  • Your hair type
  • Your home maintenance routine
  • How long your hair is now and how long you want your hair to be How thick or thin your hair is
  • Your budget

6. How long do extensions last?

NO type of extension should stay in longer than 4 months. Can extensions remain attached longer than 4 months? Yes. However due to the natural shedding process of your hair it is not ideal for it’s integrity. All extensions should be removed or re-done after 4 months. Systems that claim overextended wear times in order to sell their product are counterproductive to the true benefits of extensions.

7. Can Philip James maintain extensions done elsewhere?

Yes. We can maintain, remove or re-do most any brand.

8. How much is a consultation?

Our consultations are free.

9. How soon can I get the extensions after the consultation?

Usually within a few days. Some methods same day. If you have a special occasion for which you need the extensions please allow more time.

10. Do I need an in salon consultation to get extensions?

In some cases we can do email consultations. Current photos of your hair must be uploaded to our contact page, along with a description of what you’d like to do. Also upload photos of your desired style. We can then give an estimate. Only an in salon consultation can give an exact price quote.

11. Is there a deposit?

There is a deposit for the appointment time. The deposit can be refunded providing we receive a phone cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. In some cases there is a non-refundable deposit for hair.

12. Can my own hair still be colored or relaxed?

Yes. You may still get touch-ups in areas where the extensions are not placed

13. What are the benefits of extensions?

Aside from making hair longer, more full , or both, a bad haircut can be remedied instantly. Middle stages of growing out can be avoided. If you’re always trying to get more fullness, washing every day to get volume – you can put an end to this and not have continual styling stress on the hair. Extensions can actually save a lot of people time otherwise spent styling.

Many clients say their hair looks and feels better after extensions. Most extension clients actually give their hair a break by not having to style and process it as much. Most of our clients find they like them and want to continue wearing them.